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StringBean allows you to create and assign step-by-step workflows directly to your workers’ devices. Answer questions, take notes, capture photos, report issues, and then generate a report with the click of a button.

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See how our easy-to-use software can ensure tasks like inspections, work requests, maintenance, and building rounds are completed properly – and with maximum efficiency.

Recent Clients

Watch: StringBean Helped Acme Inc. Reduce Inspection Times by 40%

StringBean Will Make Your Life Easier

  • Save Hours & Hours of Time
  • Reduce or eliminate worker training
  • Oversee Your Operation
  • Leverage Data


Problems StreanBean Solves

Validation and Business Intelligence

  • If you’re tracking tasks on paper or with a basic ticketing system, how do you really know work is being completed properly?
  • StringBean ensures workers are doing the job correctly and following industry standards SOPs and MOPs.
  • StringBean provides real-time visibility to workflow exception the moment they occur.


How long should certain tasks take to complete? How many tasks should your workers be able to complete during a shift? StringBean’s reporting and intelligence gives you the insight you need to greatly reduce inefficiencies.

Vendor Management

StringBean workflows can be sent to any worker with a smartphone, regardless if they are in-house employees or third-party vendors – which means you receive the same levels of work validation in either scenario.

Risk Management

Avoid potential lawsuits or fines by ensuring important inspections and maintenance tasks  are completed and done properly, with documented evidence.

Success Stories

“I now have the confidence that we can effectively distribute these routine tasks to anyone on my team. Most importantly, our documentation is updated and saved to the cloud with every touch. I feel this gives us an edge.”

James Gerardo

Chief Engineer, 757 Third Avenue

“[StringBean] allows us to deliver a consistent product at an affordable price for our client base. When technology designed for the collaboration of multiple parties is effectively employed, it’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone on the team…”

John Leitner

Principal, John Leitner Principal, Environmental Building Solutions LLC

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Chief Engineer, Building 15

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